Biology in a Box- University of Michigan Science Outreach

Even educators in the more well-funded public schools in Michigan find an area of the budge that receives scant support-science lab equipment and supplies.

One high school teacher shared with me that his departmental budget is a few hundred dollars per year! So, less than two dollars per student for lab supplies!

Believe it or not, that is not a lot of money for supplies.

Science, like most things in life is far more interesting actually doing, rather than reading about from a textbook. While virtual labs and cool edutainment videos serve a need, they do not replace the full tactile experience of holding the equipment in your own hand and “doing science.”

So, I was excited to read about a fantastic outreach program by the University of Michigan Ann Arbor, where graduate student Taylor Nye and professor Lyle Simmons have been boxing up science equipment and taking it to a high school in northern Michigan. Once there, they help guide the students through lab experiences and have direct face to face interaction with the PhD candidate and the professor who mentor and guide them.

A truly inspiring story of collaboration, education and innovation-out of the box thinking?

For the article from UM News and video, please click here.


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