Healthy Detroit and Wayne State University

For an inspiring start to the new year, check out the great work being done at Wayne State University, using research and scientific inquiry to yield positive results for the health of Detroit citizens.

One project-the Anthropology of the City initiative aims to investigate the role of food movement identities and their cultural meaning- contemplating just what it means to have access to “good” food.

Hard to believe that there was a time period in the early 2000’s when Detroit did not have a national grocery chain!

Additionally, check out masters in Urban Planning student Jared Talaga’s work on ensuring that everyone in Detroit should have access to healthy food. He was inspired to study and advocate to reduce food insecurity because he was so grateful for his easy access to healthy food and believes everyone should have the same access.

To read more about the Anthropology in the City initiative, Jared Talaga and other great work being done by Wayne State University, please read here. 


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