Science Festival- Michigan State University

The essential skill we must develop to live a rewarding life is curiosity. Whether it is noticing the timing of the tulips starting to break through the recently thawed soil, or puzzling over how to prevent a deadly disease, curiosity is the thread that is woven through the fabric of all successful human endeavors.

What better way to engage your own curiosity and that of the young people in your life than through the Michigan State University Science Festival? Taking place virtually, this year, of course, the expo activities are held on Saturdays throughout the month of April, but the compelling digital resources are available anytime through their website.

I am really looking forward to learning more about some of the Citizen Science opportunities and hope to start learning about some of the local activities- with so many great choices it may be hard to choose!

Asking questions, watching, wondering-not a bad way to spend the weekend.

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