Digital Michigan Newspapers

For parents and educators seeking interesting educational resources for their children and students, the Clarke Historical Library at Central Michigan University has a wonderful resource of Digital Michigan Newspaper Resources available online.

This web resource has links to complete digital editions of local newspapers from across the state and across the decades. From the Alpena Argus, circa 1893 to the Wexford County Pioneer, this incredibly rich resource provides compelling historical content and one of the greatest gifts that history provides-context.

Searching the ads for vitamin tonics and beautification lotions in the 1890’s to a 1975 article in the Canton Observer about former stater Senator Carl Purcell investigating the “win at all costs” mentality in youth sports- remember when youth sports actually had “seasons” as opposed to these year round body and soul crushing experiments we now engage in?

As you are looking for resources to meet your 1000 Word a Day Reading Challenge, maybe consider stepping back a bit and letting the humbling perspective of history provide a necessary antidote to your current concerns.

The link to the Digital Michigan Newspaper portal at the Clarke Historical Library at Central Michigan University is here.

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