Student Research Spotlight-Kyle Silvas from Lake Superior State University

In a topic perfect for this moment, Kyla Silvas, was awarded the Kapp Award from the Michigan Academy of Science, Arts, and Letters (MASAL).  Silvas, who is a Psychology student with a minor in Counseling at LSSU was awarded the Kapp Award that recognizes outstanding undergraduate research through his research on Exploring the Impact of Diet on Depression and Anxiety.

Some of the qualities that are necessary to be an effective researcher include critical thinking, problem solving, and the ability to be creative as you delve into the problem you are studying.

“There are so many variables to take into account for any research and it’s so easy to miss the finer points, but here I was able to develop my critical thinking skills and problem solving abilities to be able to see all perspectives of the research and how it may apply to variables I wasn’t even initially focused on,” indicated Silvas.

From Lake Superior State University News Online

Kyle hopes to continue his studies in psychology graduate school where his ardor for solving problems will be rewarded.

Questions for Discussion:

  1. What was Kyle Silva’s area of research?
  2. Based on the title of his research, what are some possible hypotheses he could have explored?
  3. What are some qualities Kyle feels are important in a researcher?
  4. What does “ardor” mean in the last paragraph?

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