The Banished Words List of 2019 from Lake Superior State University

“Getting My Head Around” myself as a “Thoughtleader.” Using my “platform” to put 2019 “in the books.”

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. Lake Superior State University’s annual banished words list is such a treat, that I just had to…

Every Language Arts teacher and lover of words, in general, must get to the Lake Superior State University website and take a look at the list of words from 2019 submitted by folks throughout the year and edited down to a final list each December.

The tradition started 45 years ago as a New Year’s Eve activity with friends by LSSU public relations director W.T. Rabe has grown to a cultural phenomenon.

Just for fun, take a look at their archive of nominated words to be banished, which now number over 1000 words that are misused, over-used, and just plain ridiculous.

Sadly, many of these words are still in use, or shall I say “over-use” such as “battleground state” “double-down” and going back to the “Y2k” era, “it’s all good.”

Questions for Discussion

  1. How do words become over-used or misused?
  2. How does this list of banished words reflect the specific time of the culture?
  3. How universal do you think this banished words list might be.


Check out Lake Superior State University’s Banished Words site and have some fun!

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