Center for Freshwater Research and Education- Lake Superior State University

For Michiganders, the lakes are everything.

An inspiring center devoted to academic research, education and community engagement is the Center for Freshwater Research and Education located at Lake Superior State University.

Any K-12 science teacher should check out their website for ideas on how they are bringing the science of the freshwater conservation to life through their research ideas and educational outreach.

A reading of the biographies of the researchers and faculty can help students understand the educational and career pathways taken by these individuals.

Checking out the Earth Day Challenge ideas can help you prepare for Earth Day 2020 as you sit on the shores of Lake Michigan this summer, trying not to think about school!

Plus, it has a fishcam, perfect relaxation for those lazy days of summer, or for those moments in the school day when students need some quiet time.

What a great creative writing prompt- “Why are all those people looking at me?” asked the fish.

Best wishes to the Center for Freshwater Research and Education and I am looking forward to visiting the new education center-the drawings look great!

To access the Center’s website, please click here.

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