Snares to Wares- Michigan State University and Detroit Zoo Collaboration

In an inspiring project demonstrating how creativity and collaboration combine as a force for beauty and change, artists from Michigan State University and artists from Uganda spent 3 months together working on a new installation at the Detroit Zoo-Snares to Wares Initiative: Capacity for Change.

The artists used actual snares- used by poachers for illegal hunting and which trapped a lion named Butcherman who subsequently lost his leg, to create a sculpture of Butcherman and his cubs.

The collaboration crossed the language and culture barrier and challenged all sides to speak in the language of art and compassion.

Students contributed to the art installation as well, creating posters and video materials which will be displayed at the Detroit Zoo Wildlife Interpretative Gallery-until March 2020.

What a great field trip!

For an informative article by Kimberly Popiolek, with additional information and links to the initiative website and videos, please click here.

Questions for Discussion

  1. What are several examples of conservation of resources discussed in this article?
  2. What happened to Butcherman and his cubs?
  3. How can you use art to work for social change?

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