Dancing Around the World-Northern Michigan University Students Explore Europe

One of the best dispositions a researcher can practice is curiosity.

Opening one’s mind to the world around you by a process of exploring, reflecting, reading and asking questions.

While you don’t always need to travel the world to do this, sometimes it can make all the difference.

Fifteen students from Northern Michigan University’s Theatre and Dance program recently embarked on a journey to London and Paris to immerse themselves in the performing arts at two of the world’s cultural capitals.

The students saw Shakespeare’s birthplace as well as a performance at the historic Globe Theatre. They danced the can-can and visited the Palace of Versailles.

While the impact that this experience had on students and faculty may take years to unfold, it is clear that this was an important journey for some of the students-including those that had never travelled abroad.

NMU student Liz Caputo said it best, “I wanted to learn how similar and how different we are. The main thing that I noticed was everyone we talked to is just as passionate about the arts in both London and Paris as we are in the United States.”

To read Charlie Edwards article, please click here.

Question for Discussion:

  1. How can travel change your perspective on the world?
  2. What are some ways these NMU students could use this experience in their future work?
  3. Describe how recent trips you’ve taken have impacted you?

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